Wayfair Credit card benefits can save money (in the form of rewards or interest fee waivers) for frequent Wayfair shoppers. However, a traditional credit card may be a better option. For one, a card with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express logo can be used anywhere these cards are accepted (not just On the other hand, 0% financing terms may be more appropriate.Wayfair-Credit-Card

Different Type Of Wayfair Cards

Citi Double Cash Card (credit card advertiser’s explanation): This card (annual fee of $0) offers 2% cashback: 1% cash back when making purchases and an additional 1% cashback when paying for those purchases. Even though this may seem less than the 3% reward dollars you earn with the Wayfair Card, consider the big picture: with the Citi Double Cash Card, you can earn these rewards on every purchase (not just on purchases). traveler). And you can redeem that cash back for checks or bank statements (not just for Wayfair purchases).


Chase Freedom Unlimited Card: This card ($0 annual fee) offers 1.5% cashback on all purchases. What makes this card unique is that your money back comes in the form of Chase Ultimate Rewards points, which are redeemable for things other than bank statements: travel, merchandise, and gift cards, for example.

A card with a long 0% introductory period: Many traditional cards offer a year or more of an interest-free period after approval. And that 0% interest rate is not retroactive. In other words, if you have a balance remaining at the end of the promotional period, interest will only be charged on the remaining balance, not the original purchase amount. Check out our list of cards with the longest 0% introductory periods. Remember that this 0% interest financing is only available for a limited time after card approval. You will not receive any more for your purchases after that. If you’re concerned about a 0% APR on furniture purchases over the life of the card, consider the Wayfair card.