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Want a credit card that lets you make the decisions? Now, you can get an extra incentive when you sign up for the Wayfair credit card. No annual fee is associated with this card, and you can choose your own rewards for your purchases. Want 5% off your Wayfair purchases or interest-free financing for up to 24 months on qualifying orders (27.24% variable rate thereafter)? You choose.Wayfair-Credit-Card And now, Wayfair is ready to sweeten the pot during the Wayfair sale and give you an extra $40 off your first qualifying Wayfair order of $100 or more. That means you can save a lot of money on landscaping to create a backyard oasis, the bedroom decor you love, or whatever makes your home the sanctuary it deserves. This offer is valid until April 28th.


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Wayfair credit cards share a simple app. If you apply, you will be considered for both the Wayfair Credit Card and the Wayfair Mastercard. If you qualify for both, you can choose which card you want. The Wayfair Credit Card can be used with Wayfair and all of its affiliates.

Login To Wayfair Credit Card Account

But you must use your card for in-store purchases. Some other activities you need to do with your credit cards, such as B. Online Wayfair Credit Card Payment and benefits. This awaits online access to your Wayfair Credit Card Login account. For the user who needs to access their account through the account Wayfair Credit Card Login measure, please follow the ways below in another:


  • Visit your Wayfair Credit Card Login page. (www.wayfair.com)
  • Enter your username and password.
  • At this point, click the Wayfair Credit Card Login button below to access your Wayfair account.

This credit card can now also be used for online Wayfair Credit Card Payment. Possible Wayfair Card Payment Options. This includes credit or debit cards, gift cards, rewards, PayPal confirmations, personal checks, cashier’s checks and money orders, purchase orders, wire transfers, etc. See the best credit cards with cashback.

Login Benefits Of Wayfair Card Account

To access your account, you can log in online to your Comenity Bank Wayfair account. There is no mobile app, but you can access the site from a mobile device.

Once you’ve set up and signed in to your account, you can:

  • Pay your bill
  • Set up your Wayfair card online in Account Center
  • Get a copy of your return
  • Answer questions about your account
  • Answer questions about your invoice or transactions, including certain financial transactions
  • Update your account information
  • Request a change to your credit limit

Wayfair Credit Card Application Process

However, applying for a Wayfair Credit Card Login (At www.wayfair.com) is very easy and fast. You do not need to be a Citi Bank customer to apply for a credit card. You can be a resident of any country when you need to apply for this credit card. These are nothing more than a few cards that wait for you to be a citizen of a certain country before you can apply. In any case, the application guides;


  • Visit your app page with a provided browser
  • Enter your email address
  • Click Next with a button to continue

Anyway, the email address is mandatory. So, if you don’t have an email address, you’ll need to create one on another to proceed with your credit card application. Then, after entering your email address, follow the onscreen steps to complete your Wayfair credit card application.

Application Instructions For Wayfair Card

  • You cannot apply for the Wayfair credit card directly. Instead, Wayfair will verify your information and compete for the Wayfair Mastercard or Wayfair credit card based on your credit history.
  • Go to the Wayfair website.
  • Select the hamburger icon in the sidebar, then Wayfair Credit Card.
  • Tap Apply Now.
  • Enter the requested information and select Submit.

The Wayfair card has a high chance of being approved, especially if you have a credit score above 580. While it is relatively easy to qualify for this card, you still need to meet other minimum requirements.

You must provide:

  • Your name
  • Direction
  • Personal data
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security Number (unless using a prequalification link)
  • Annual sales

Please note that the Comenity Bank Wayfair Card program does not have a card. Once approved, your card will automatically be added to your account for immediate use. Your account number and other account information will be sent to you in your welcome pack within 10 days via US mail.

Advantages Of My Wayfair Credit Card

One of the benefits of business credit cards (like the Wayfair card) is that they are often a good first step in establishing your credit score. Loyalty card approval standards tend to be more flexible than traditional credit cards because the issuer knows they can only use the loyalty card as part of a co-branded business. So if you have fair credit (or worse), you are more likely to be approved for a loyalty card.

Loyalty cards have a high APR and often a low credit limit. The Wayfair card can help you gain an edge in the FICO score world. If you are trying to improve your credit score and have been turned down by major credit card issuers, the Wayfair card can help you gain an edge in the FICO score world. Be sure to pay your bills on time each month and keep your balance low.

Other Wayfair shopping cards?

Wayfair card benefits can save money (in the form of rewards or interest fee waivers) for frequent Wayfair shoppers. However, a traditional credit card may be a better option. For one, a card with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express logo can be used anywhere these cards are accepted (not just www.wayfair.com). On the other hand, 0% financing terms may be more appropriate.

How Do I Pay For My Wayfair Card?

You have several options to pay with your card. All Wayfair Credit Card Payments must be received by 20:00. MUST be by the due date to avoid charges!



To access your account, you can log into your account online. From here, you can access your monthly invoices, subscribe to electronic statements, and make Wayfair Credit Card Payment by bank transfer or electronic payment. You can Pay Wayfair Credit Card online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unfortunately, you cannot make Wayfair Credit Card Payment by debit card or from banks outside the United States.

Simply Paid

If you don’t want to log into your account (or haven’t registered your account online), you can also use the Comenity Wayfair Easy Pay Wayfair Credit Card tool.

It will ask for credentials and grant you enough access to make a Wayfair Credit Card Payment without granting access to any other information in your account.

With the Wayfair Credit Card Phone Number

You can contact the Wayfair Credit Card Customer Service team at 844-271-2567 to Pay for your Wayfair Credit Card. The team is open eight hours a day, five days a week. from 2 pm to 9 pm C’EST T

Wayfair Credit Card Phone Number and customer service

To contact Wayfair Credit Card Customer Service directly, call 844-271-2567. Representatives are available Monday through Saturday, 8 am to 5 pm. from 2 pm to 9 pm C’EST T

You may also cancel your Wayfair Card at any time by calling the Wayfair Customer Service Wayfair Credit Card Phone Number above.

If you prefer to contact me by email:

Social Capital Bank

POST OFFICES. Box 183003

Columbus, Ohio 43218-3003

About Wayfair

Niraj Shah and Steve Conine founded Wayfair in August 2002 as a two-person business with temporary headquarters at Conine’s Day Care Center in Boston, Massachusetts. Shah and Conine hold Bachelors of Science from Cornell University. The couple ran two previous companies, Simplify Mobile and iXL, a global consulting firm, before founding Wayfair.


As of December 2018, Shah was the CEO, with Shah and Conine sharing the role of chairman. Originally known as CSN Stores (the name derives from a mixture of the initials of Shah and Conine), the company started as a website, www.wayfair.com, selling media racks and furniture for storage.

A year later, the company added patio and garden suppliers, three online stores, and more than a dozen employees, and moved its headquarters to Boston’s Newbury Street.

Over the next two years, the company expanded its catalog to include home decor; furniture and equipment for offices, institutions, kitchens, canteens, DIY items; bed and bath equipment; Baggage; and lighting. In 2006, the company reached a turnover of 100 million dollars.

Official NameWayfair Credit Card
Portal TypeLogin
ServicesCredit Card

Common Questions

How do I earn and redeem rewards?

When you make a qualifying purchase on a Wayfair Citibank retail site using your Wayfair Credit Card or Wayfair Mastercard Login, you will receive 5% back in Reward Dollars (Note: Purchases made with Financing Promotion are not eligible to earn rewards). Plus, the Wayfair Mastercard earns rewards for qualifying purchases1 everywhere you shop: 3% in supermarkets, 2% online, and 1% elsewhere.

What is the Wayfair credit card?

Online registration is quick and easy. Once your application has been approved, we will automatically add your new Comenity Bank Wayfair or Wayfair Mastercard credit card to your saved payment methods for you to use today. Wayfair Mastercard cardholders will receive their physical card and Wayfair credit cardholders will receive a letter in the US mail within 7-10 business days with their digital card account information.

Why can’t I find my Wayfair credit card at checkout?

Wayfair credit cards issued by Comenity Wayfair Citibank have been discontinued. You can no longer use your account to make purchases. However, rewards won through September 10, 2020, can be redeemed through September 10, 2021. For any questions or concerns, please contact Comenity Wayfair Bank Wayfair Credit Card Customer Service at 1-844-271-2567 (TTY /TTY: 1-800-695-1788). We apologize for the inconvenience.

How can I manage my account or pay my bill?

Click here to pay your Wayfair Citibank, N.A. credit card. Wayfair or Wayfair Mastercard online or change your bank details. To contact the Wayfair Credit Services support team or Pay Wayfair Credit Card over the Wayfair Credit Card Phone Number, please call the Wayfair Credit Services support team at 1-800-365-2714, TTY: 1-877-354-0002. Check your Reward Dollars balance, manage your saved shipping addresses and check your order status by going to My Account on any of our retail sites. If you had a Wayfair credit card issued by Comenity Wayfair Bank, click here to pay your bill or manage your account.


If you usually shop at Wayfair or Wayfair Family stores, you will have some advantages with this loyalty card. Welcome bonuses, no annual fees, and special financing make this card attractive if you’re planning big purchases. In addition, it’s a great way to build credit, as Comenity Wayfair reports your credit history to all 3 credit bureaus.

The Wayfair card offers a low premium rate for Wayfair purchases and interest-deferred financing plans, which can be dangerous due to the card’s high APR. However, if you cannot qualify for a more flexible reward or credit card like the one mentioned above, then this card might be a good option for you.

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